Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New oil painting sneak peek!

heres a sneak peak of the oil painting im almost done with. Im so glad ive started oil painting again. Its my favorite medium and i think what im best at. It takes patients and time but comes out exactly how i want it if not better then... Im getting a lot better at watercolor painting too. My friend Nick and I have completed about 6 paintings so far in our Mario Bros. tattoo flash set. Still more to come so Im not going to post anything until we are totally done with the whole set. Anyway heres the sneak peek! enjoy...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas...

Its now officially christmas! Here is what i did earlier today at work. My good friend Shelley is moving away to lovely San Fran! so lucky... wish i could get out of this shithole Vegas... anyway thats another story/rant. So she wanted a tattoo before she left. This one was very challenging. Small tattoo of a queen chess piece made out of wood... holy crap...but i think i did pretty good. This was surprisingly harder then i thought.

Anyway... Gotta work on christmas! what a bunch of crap. Who gets a tattoo on christmas? Im gonna just sit there and play video games and pick my nose. Anyway... merry christmas. I hope everyone is spending time with their families and having fun. The year is almost up! its time to reflect on all the crazy shit you did. enjoy!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Ink

Heres a few pics of some newer tattoos ive done recently. I am also in the process of doing a tattoo flash book with a friend of mine... the first in a series. The first set will be all super mario inspired designs! yes... you gotta see them to believe it. Imagine mario and all the vast amount of characters all done in tattoo style! We are painting all the designs now with watercolors and will have the first set done soon. Ill post pics once the whole project is done and books will be available for sale. Thats all for now. I have so much stuff to get done...so many unfinished paintings laying around my house! ok... hope everyone has a merry christmas and happy new years! im going to go snowboarding for new years... should be fun. Keep it safe!

Friday, December 11, 2009

2 dudes puffing

I think its done....i can never tell.. Nothing is ever "done" in my eyes... but here is the final version of this digital painting. All done in Photoshop and my wacom intuos 3. Tell me what you think. Thanks!!!
this is now available as a limited edition giclee canvas print or
value poster print from 8.5" X 11" up to 36" X 48"

Saturday, November 14, 2009

new crap ala mode...

todays post is pretty random. Just going through my camera trying to clear off some space on the ol memory card. Anyway heres a few things i pulled off for your viewing pleasure...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Live painting from 11-6-09 First Friday

Hey there! I did some live digital painting at a show last night for First Friday here in Vegas. I usually try to do live painting every First Friday at the Bunkhouse after 10pm. Its a good way to get shit done while drinking a beer and listening to live bands! cant beat that right? Better then pandora sometimes... anyway check it out just in case you didnt see it happening live... Took me about 2 hours. I will be finishing this later... I have a lot of unfinished pieces that i need to finish and get into the catalog. I just have so many new ideas in my sketchbook that i want to get to. Might have to do more digital painting.... which comes to my next concern...

*(que intro music for a special edition of "Biggs Rant of the day")*

To digital or not to digital.... that is the question. This subject has been eating away at my brain for years. About a quarter of my work has been done digitally...meaning using photoshop or Painter with my wacom and painting on the computer as opposed to traditional painting (ie. real paint with brush on canvas.) so... Is it acceptable by most? Does it matter if I paint digitally or traditionally? Dont get my wrong, I love painting traditionally... its been a passion of mine since birth! but... I do think i draw better then i paint. And I do love and embrace technology. So I kinda like just being able to scan in a really nice drawing ive done and then digitally paint it all bad ass. Sometimes I think i lose a lot of the creative essence when I paint something traditionally... My idea just comes out and I draw it up first on paper... And I still take a good amount of time painting either way... so I guess my real question is... Do people value a digital painting less then a traditional? or can they consider it equal. I obviously cant sell an "original" digital painting because there is no original... but i can do large format, limited edition, beautiful giclee print that I can sell for a good amount and still keep the value pretty good and limit the prints so that it has more value. This can go on and on... endless conversations over tea and greenery...chewing the fat for days! but I just want to know peoples opinions. Sometimes I just think I can "do it better" digitally... but im torn because I dont want people to take it at less value because it wasnt done by "hand"... I do agree it take more skill to do things traditionally. I can paint pretty good i think... but sometimes its nice to have more control over your colors and saturation and every little thing i want in every detail. And I can still make it look like it was done traditionally. Some people cant tell with some of my work....they dont even know... And I dont think it matters..... Blah! ef this... Heres what I did last night.... The tortoise and the hair.... digital painting done live at a show in 2 hours.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mole Skin Sketch of the Day!

Work was very slow today. But at least I got a badass sketch for book im doing pretty soon! More news later but heres a new sketch I did today. enjoy

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Undead Bob Ross seen conspiring with Pee-Wee!

I started a new digital painting... I was bored at work and started this one. So this is sitting number one. More to come. Most of the general color idea is there... Just need to add more and tighten it up! check it out:

howdy! hows it goin? alrighty... im just putting away my big brown afro wig from when I dressed up as an undead (zombie) Bob Ross. He is dear to my heart and wanted to bring him back to life. :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Works in progess

Heres a few painting Dasha and I are working on. She is doing a new series of watercolor paintings (which are sick as hell!) and I started a new acrylic and oil painting based on a drawing i did recently that im in love with. Simple but I love it... We will be showing all our new stuff at First Friday (Nov. 6th) at Damned Ink Studios inside the Arts Factory. Come check it out! I will be doing some kick ass digital live painting at the bunkhouse afterwards too!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What I do at work...

Heres a segment of my blog that i always will try to update every week. I havent done it in a while... but heres some of the work in the past few weeks that i liked the best. Some of the pics arent the best quality but i tried. Just got a new digital camera and seems to be working out very well! Im working fulltime right now as a tattoo artist over at 3 Lions Tattoo in the Riviera. I love that shop. I get a good amount of work there from walk-ins at the hotel and I also book locals and friends. So far its been working out great and surprisingly enough I am actually happy to have a fulltime job now. I dont have a whole lot of freetime anymore but at least Im paying bills and being able to relax a little. Anyway check out some of my new stuff... more to come of course.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

new painting!

I finally got around to trying out more watercolor painting... its pretty quick. But i like the results. :) anyone want this as a tattoo? hit me up.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Moleskin Sketch of the Day!

i dont know how many times ive said this...but.... moleskin sketchbook and prismacolor markers are the fu#%*in BOMB! although i did use a little too much marker in this sketch but it didnt bleed through! its amazing...anyway...enjoy. Go to Barnes and Noble and get a big moleskin with thin blank paper... i should get free shit for saying that... wheres my sponsership?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Biggs Ink Experience photoshoot!

Check it out! I got the pics back from a photo shoot I did with my friend Fred of PhotoFM! This is the guy who got me into blogging! so i do owe it all to him... I love it now. Anyway check out the pics he took. I decided to make one long image so you dont have to click on each individual one... This is back when i first got my Neuma Tattoo Machines so I wanted to try them out and also get a photo shoot done in the same sitting... so here it is....the Biggs Ink Experience! brought to you by Biggs and PhotoFM. Thanks Fred! your the man... va-poo-rize!
click pic to enlarge!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Sugar Skulls Painted!

Finally got a chance to sit down and finish the first 2 sugar skulls. I did the lighter colored one with the blue flower eyes and Dasha did the darker blue one with the bad ass elaborate gold pattern on the top of the head. I like her's better so my next one im gonna have to step it up a bit and kick some ass! bwah! so... feast your eyes on these bad boys. We will have a special edition of 6 or 8 and will be unveiled at the Biggest Tattoo Show On Earth at Mandalay Bay on Oct. 2nd-4th. I will have a Biggs Studio booth there and will be selling art and tattooing. If you are interested in booking some time in the chair that weekend please hit me up at biggsstudio@gmail.com. Anyway more to come. :) Resin Casting is fun!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

new tattoos...

Did a few cool tattoos lately. Heres a couple for your viewing pleasure...

dead beet

dali elephant

a very strange looking pre-historic shark

and a classic mermaid with an anchor tat.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Biggs Sugar Skull Sculpt

Finally done with the sugar skull sculpture! wahoo... just need to fix a small dent i put into it accidentally while taking pictures... Im clumsy. I will be molding this probably tonight with silicone so I can make resin copies. There will be many special editions of this available including a blank one for artists to paint themselves. I will most likely do a group art show around this too! More art toys to come! now... what should I sculpt next? so many choices! anyone got a favorite painting of ours that they would like to see made into a toy? comments are appreciated. (go to www.biggsstudio.com and myspace/biggsart to see more art)
click to enlarge

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Day at the Biggs'...

Busy Bees at work... a great start to the weekend. The weather today was fantastic and overcast... I love rainy days... I dream about them in fact. Doesn't happen very often in this dry desert shit-hole of a city called Vegas. But... I'm happy. So happy in fact that I started sculpting again! wahoo! I decided to narrow down the long list of things i wanted to sculpt down to the sugar skull. Its classic, traditional and timeless. And my lovely wife, Dasha started painting a new Hendrix piece for the series we are doing... Listening to Animal Collective... good stuff! Highly recommended for painting sessions. Heres some pics...enjoy!
click to enlarge...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Random moleskin sketch of the day...

I havent posted anything for a while. Heres a sketch out of the ol moleskin! probably going to end up being a digital painting one day...maybe traditional... i dont know. Anyway it will look something like this. :) enjoy... check back soon for some cool stuff!
click to enlarge

Thursday, July 16, 2009

POMONA here I come!

Im packing all my crap up for the Body Art Expo in Pomona this weekend. Ive been so excited about this trip. Its my first convention out of town! Im bring my new tattoo equipment too! I just got a complete Neuma tattoo machine setup. They are pneumatic tattoo machines driven by air. They are the dopest things ive ever used! anyway It should be fun. Hopefully ill do lots of tattoos and sell lots of art. At least it gets my name out there. Maybe even in a magazine! So check back for pictures of the event when I get back. Heres some pics of the mess I made as I was packing.
click to enlarge

Monday, July 13, 2009


I just couldnt wait anymore. I finally sat down and put together a new volume of our art book. Its 101 pages this time! I wish I had the money to have boxes and boxes of these but for now I got 2 prototype books from the printer! If you order one of these babies from us we will not only hand sign it but also do a custom one-off piece of art inside the book so that you have one that is unique and one of a kind. Anyway I should have these available by the next first friday. Maybe Ill throw a book release party! Heres some sneak peeks at the prototype! peace out...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Underwater Ally album cover 3.0

Im finally gettin to the end of the cover design for Underwater Ally. Tell me what you think. I have older process shots of this art in older posts if you would like to see it from the beginning. :) 
click pic to enlarge

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Biggs Skateboard colab!

Ok... I was going to wait to post this until after the art show... but I guess ill show it to the small amount of people who actually check my blog. Here is the final pic of the skateboard me and Dasha did in one night. This is for the LVSK8 III art show next friday. Enjoy...
click pic to enlarge