Wednesday, February 24, 2010

more tattoos!

Heres some cool tattoos ive done lately. Got more coming...just gotta look at my camera.

star wars glass art

Ive been busy doing a lot of work for other people. Freelance work can get hectic while pulling a fulltime job. I kinda got overwhelmed for a few weeks... but im slowly getting back to regular life. I havent done any art for myself in a while....its been too long. I find it harder to control my anxiety issues when i cant work on my own art and relax a little. I even had a food poisoning episode in the middle of all this so i was drained and sick for a little bit. So... I will be posting a lot of stuff here in the next few days if i can just sit down and go through my camera and computer. Heres the first batch of stuff:

I got commissioned to do a background painting for this bad ass guy who blows artistic glass pieces. He got this hand blown glass piece put on the cover of High Times...i actually believe you can smoke out of it!!! so he is going to be making limited edition prints of it... background art done by me.