Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Print Series!

I finally got my own wide format printer! Picked up a sweet deal on a Canon Pro 9000 Mark2... Let me tell you.... ITS FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!! you have to see them in real life... Ill try to take a picture of a print but it still doesnt do it justice.
Anyway I did a series of limited edition prints to test out the colors and went a little crazy... The first set I did was the steampunk skull series. I designed 20 different color schemes and then did only one-off print of each. Thats it... Next I did the retro looking skeleton smoking joints poster in 3 different color schemes and only did 7 of each. All of these are hand signed and numbered and printed on expensive ass museum quality archival watercolor paper. Thats the only thing with the printer...the nice fine art paper is pretty ridiculous in price. But when you print on it you will know where every penny went... I couldnt believe the colors I was able to produce! very vibrant bright colors. And the paper isnt even glossy. Its totally matte but the colors are amazing.
So I did those...came out sweet. And now im on to my next series. Im posting the original painting I did for it. I always paint the original with only black ink... I dilute the ink and paint it on watercolor paper with a "spit-shading" technique (a tattoo artist thing... learned it from my bff at work. THANKS NICK BONES!) I then scan it in at super high rez and digitally color it in layers using Photoshop. It takes me a while to do all this....but once it done and printed its pretty amazing to see it in person. I enjoy this new technique and will be using it more often. Im getting better at watercolors. I think my style tends to change a little using them but I still bring in the sickness! enjoy. and check back soon for color versions of the decap girl piece!

original black ink painting on watercolor paper (12" x 16")