Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New oil painting sneak peek!

heres a sneak peak of the oil painting im almost done with. Im so glad ive started oil painting again. Its my favorite medium and i think what im best at. It takes patients and time but comes out exactly how i want it if not better then... Im getting a lot better at watercolor painting too. My friend Nick and I have completed about 6 paintings so far in our Mario Bros. tattoo flash set. Still more to come so Im not going to post anything until we are totally done with the whole set. Anyway heres the sneak peek! enjoy...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas...

Its now officially christmas! Here is what i did earlier today at work. My good friend Shelley is moving away to lovely San Fran! so lucky... wish i could get out of this shithole Vegas... anyway thats another story/rant. So she wanted a tattoo before she left. This one was very challenging. Small tattoo of a queen chess piece made out of wood... holy crap...but i think i did pretty good. This was surprisingly harder then i thought.

Anyway... Gotta work on christmas! what a bunch of crap. Who gets a tattoo on christmas? Im gonna just sit there and play video games and pick my nose. Anyway... merry christmas. I hope everyone is spending time with their families and having fun. The year is almost up! its time to reflect on all the crazy shit you did. enjoy!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Ink

Heres a few pics of some newer tattoos ive done recently. I am also in the process of doing a tattoo flash book with a friend of mine... the first in a series. The first set will be all super mario inspired designs! yes... you gotta see them to believe it. Imagine mario and all the vast amount of characters all done in tattoo style! We are painting all the designs now with watercolors and will have the first set done soon. Ill post pics once the whole project is done and books will be available for sale. Thats all for now. I have so much stuff to get done...so many unfinished paintings laying around my house! ok... hope everyone has a merry christmas and happy new years! im going to go snowboarding for new years... should be fun. Keep it safe!

Friday, December 11, 2009

2 dudes puffing

I think its done....i can never tell.. Nothing is ever "done" in my eyes... but here is the final version of this digital painting. All done in Photoshop and my wacom intuos 3. Tell me what you think. Thanks!!!
this is now available as a limited edition giclee canvas print or
value poster print from 8.5" X 11" up to 36" X 48"