Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas...

Its now officially christmas! Here is what i did earlier today at work. My good friend Shelley is moving away to lovely San Fran! so lucky... wish i could get out of this shithole Vegas... anyway thats another story/rant. So she wanted a tattoo before she left. This one was very challenging. Small tattoo of a queen chess piece made out of wood... holy crap...but i think i did pretty good. This was surprisingly harder then i thought.

Anyway... Gotta work on christmas! what a bunch of crap. Who gets a tattoo on christmas? Im gonna just sit there and play video games and pick my nose. Anyway... merry christmas. I hope everyone is spending time with their families and having fun. The year is almost up! its time to reflect on all the crazy shit you did. enjoy!

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