Thursday, October 21, 2010

Biggs Pawn Sculpt! ver. 1

Just started sculpting my first chess set. Started with the pawn of course. Check it out. Im sculpting it in digital 3D and then going to send it to get printed in 3D... Once I get them done I will be releasing limited edition hand painted full sets. Might even sculpt a bad ass board to go with it. Im getting quicker with the software im using. So much fun!!!! more pics to come.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Im's some tattoo pics!

Im back! damn,... was gone for a while. I cant believe how busy I have been and still kept my sanity. Had a solo art show and huge tattoo convention to prepare for... I survived and did really well at both shows! I am going to be posting a lot of new stuff in the next few days and weeks ahead. I got so many new tattoo pics and art pics to post it would just be too much to post in one heres the first set. This is some of the work ive done recently at Studio 21... which by the way, is the most bad ass shop ive ever seen or worked for by far!!!! Anyway enjoy... more to come.