Saturday, November 14, 2009

new crap ala mode...

todays post is pretty random. Just going through my camera trying to clear off some space on the ol memory card. Anyway heres a few things i pulled off for your viewing pleasure...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Live painting from 11-6-09 First Friday

Hey there! I did some live digital painting at a show last night for First Friday here in Vegas. I usually try to do live painting every First Friday at the Bunkhouse after 10pm. Its a good way to get shit done while drinking a beer and listening to live bands! cant beat that right? Better then pandora sometimes... anyway check it out just in case you didnt see it happening live... Took me about 2 hours. I will be finishing this later... I have a lot of unfinished pieces that i need to finish and get into the catalog. I just have so many new ideas in my sketchbook that i want to get to. Might have to do more digital painting.... which comes to my next concern...

*(que intro music for a special edition of "Biggs Rant of the day")*

To digital or not to digital.... that is the question. This subject has been eating away at my brain for years. About a quarter of my work has been done digitally...meaning using photoshop or Painter with my wacom and painting on the computer as opposed to traditional painting (ie. real paint with brush on canvas.) so... Is it acceptable by most? Does it matter if I paint digitally or traditionally? Dont get my wrong, I love painting traditionally... its been a passion of mine since birth! but... I do think i draw better then i paint. And I do love and embrace technology. So I kinda like just being able to scan in a really nice drawing ive done and then digitally paint it all bad ass. Sometimes I think i lose a lot of the creative essence when I paint something traditionally... My idea just comes out and I draw it up first on paper... And I still take a good amount of time painting either way... so I guess my real question is... Do people value a digital painting less then a traditional? or can they consider it equal. I obviously cant sell an "original" digital painting because there is no original... but i can do large format, limited edition, beautiful giclee print that I can sell for a good amount and still keep the value pretty good and limit the prints so that it has more value. This can go on and on... endless conversations over tea and greenery...chewing the fat for days! but I just want to know peoples opinions. Sometimes I just think I can "do it better" digitally... but im torn because I dont want people to take it at less value because it wasnt done by "hand"... I do agree it take more skill to do things traditionally. I can paint pretty good i think... but sometimes its nice to have more control over your colors and saturation and every little thing i want in every detail. And I can still make it look like it was done traditionally. Some people cant tell with some of my work....they dont even know... And I dont think it matters..... Blah! ef this... Heres what I did last night.... The tortoise and the hair.... digital painting done live at a show in 2 hours.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mole Skin Sketch of the Day!

Work was very slow today. But at least I got a badass sketch for book im doing pretty soon! More news later but heres a new sketch I did today. enjoy

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Undead Bob Ross seen conspiring with Pee-Wee!

I started a new digital painting... I was bored at work and started this one. So this is sitting number one. More to come. Most of the general color idea is there... Just need to add more and tighten it up! check it out:

howdy! hows it goin? alrighty... im just putting away my big brown afro wig from when I dressed up as an undead (zombie) Bob Ross. He is dear to my heart and wanted to bring him back to life. :)