Thursday, May 28, 2009

New tattoo madness

So I started this bad ass sleeve on my friend Luke (WhatfOUR). All biomech style. The whole arm will be like this. Pretty crazy design... A whole lot of shading that will be in progress for the next month or 2. Check out what i did today. I drew on his arm with sharpies and then went at it. All from the head. This is probably my favorite tattoo ive ever done next to the portrait of Dali. I wish my arm was this cool. Click pics to enlarge.... enjoy

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

new art

I was bored today so i finished my sugar skull piece with watercolor and a touch of digital work for the print. I didnt have any tattoos to do today....kinda boring and sucky when i have nobody to tattoo so i usually do artwork. Anyway check it out and tell me what you think. Im starting a new series of paintings influenced by tattoo art as you can see. Enjoy...
click to enlarge...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Biggs tattoos drummer of 5 finger death punch!

So I got to tattoo this guy today... he wanted to cover up a tattoo on his arm. Turns out this guy is a rock star! hes the drummer for Five Finger Death Punch! Check them out when you get a chance They are a pretty well known metal band. This was actually my first cover up. Ive always been scared to do a cover-up. But im not anymore! anyway check out the pictures. I still need to learn how to take better pictures of tattoos. Its pretty tough. Enjoy!

yes im wearing a Bob Ross Tshirt... super nerd

Monday, May 18, 2009

better pic of the sugar skull...
Here is a few new tats i started over the weekend. I cant wait to color and shade these! I loved the sugar skull so much i have started a watercolor painting of it. Print coming soon!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

New tattoo started

I started a new tattoo today. Its my first sugar skull! wahoo!... This is going to be a fun piece. Ill also be doing this piece with watercolors soon. For now heres what ive done for Alex. Got all the outlines done... in 2 weeks we will do another sitting for color work. enjoy
please dont steal my design. Thank you...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Underwater Ally album cover art

yay for commission jobs! I am being commissioned to do some artwork for the awesome band, Underwater Ally. They have some cool tunes if you ever want to hear some tripped out mellow stuff which is exactly what im into. A little bit on the radiohead (kid a, amnesiac) side of sound and singing. Anyway. I decided to show my process of doing the art. They gave me the idea and i rolled with it... so i sketched it out and painted the background and now the rest will be done digital. Ill work on more ....right now im just blocking in color and trying to figure out what color scheme everything will be. Enjoy... click pics to enlarge.

background painting with acrylics!
first sitting... blocking out color in photoshop.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Hey everyone! Sorry I havent posted anything in a while. Ive actually started a new job. I decided to start tattooing more and get licensed and all that. So I got all my paperwork done, got my vaccinations for Hep A and B and got a TB skin test (passed), and then took my written exam... I passed the test and got my temporary tattoo license! but Im tattooing now in a shop called Vegas Skin Art. So far Ive done about 4 or 5 tattoos and things are goin pretty well. I just need to get more clients. But I really really enjoy tattooing. Ive been pretty sick of graphic design lately. It was cool for about 6 years now but it has gotten really old. Im kinda sick of working for rich pricks who dont appreciate good work from a good artist. Seems like thats all ive dealt with in the past years. They want a lot of work for cheap. And they dont realize how much work it really is. Anyway Im going to be taking a break from it and pursue my career in tattooing! I might travel more and go to conventions out of state and do tattoos and sell art. Anyway its all good stuff. Heres a few tattoos ive done in the past.

Friday, May 1, 2009

First Friday May 1st...

Goddamn... I forgot my camera! I shouldve taken at least a few pics with my phone of my show in case people who couldnt make it could see it here. I need to learn to just carry my big ass Nikon D80 everywhere i go....but damn its big and bulky... nice but bulky. Anyway things went really well tonight. It was really nice seeing friends and new faces coming to First Friday. Its the first time in 5 months that ive been able to pay my rent for the gallery without coming out of pocket. Its like a huge "wahoo!" ...and I give my wife a nice high five! and we go home and pass out. But seriously I was in a great mood tonight. The weather is getting nicer...and I got to do a lot of new art! doing a lot of stuff for yourself feels damn good. Ive learned a lot in the last few months and got to experiment with different mediums and styles. I am working a few sketches and will post things much to go through. I have so much stuff people have never seen. So check back often. Ill have more interesting stuff to show. For now....heres some random stuff!