Friday, May 1, 2009

First Friday May 1st...

Goddamn... I forgot my camera! I shouldve taken at least a few pics with my phone of my show in case people who couldnt make it could see it here. I need to learn to just carry my big ass Nikon D80 everywhere i go....but damn its big and bulky... nice but bulky. Anyway things went really well tonight. It was really nice seeing friends and new faces coming to First Friday. Its the first time in 5 months that ive been able to pay my rent for the gallery without coming out of pocket. Its like a huge "wahoo!" ...and I give my wife a nice high five! and we go home and pass out. But seriously I was in a great mood tonight. The weather is getting nicer...and I got to do a lot of new art! doing a lot of stuff for yourself feels damn good. Ive learned a lot in the last few months and got to experiment with different mediums and styles. I am working a few sketches and will post things much to go through. I have so much stuff people have never seen. So check back often. Ill have more interesting stuff to show. For now....heres some random stuff!

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