Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Print Series!

I finally got my own wide format printer! Picked up a sweet deal on a Canon Pro 9000 Mark2... Let me tell you.... ITS FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!! you have to see them in real life... Ill try to take a picture of a print but it still doesnt do it justice.
Anyway I did a series of limited edition prints to test out the colors and went a little crazy... The first set I did was the steampunk skull series. I designed 20 different color schemes and then did only one-off print of each. Thats it... Next I did the retro looking skeleton smoking joints poster in 3 different color schemes and only did 7 of each. All of these are hand signed and numbered and printed on expensive ass museum quality archival watercolor paper. Thats the only thing with the printer...the nice fine art paper is pretty ridiculous in price. But when you print on it you will know where every penny went... I couldnt believe the colors I was able to produce! very vibrant bright colors. And the paper isnt even glossy. Its totally matte but the colors are amazing.
So I did those...came out sweet. And now im on to my next series. Im posting the original painting I did for it. I always paint the original with only black ink... I dilute the ink and paint it on watercolor paper with a "spit-shading" technique (a tattoo artist thing... learned it from my bff at work. THANKS NICK BONES!) I then scan it in at super high rez and digitally color it in layers using Photoshop. It takes me a while to do all this....but once it done and printed its pretty amazing to see it in person. I enjoy this new technique and will be using it more often. Im getting better at watercolors. I think my style tends to change a little using them but I still bring in the sickness! enjoy. and check back soon for color versions of the decap girl piece!

original black ink painting on watercolor paper (12" x 16")

Friday, December 17, 2010

So much crazy stuff!

DAMN!!!! its crazy how time flies... Now im too far behind on all the cool shit thats been going on. I guess Ill just start posting tons of random pictures of stuff Ive done. oh well.... check it out!

Ok hopefully this link works.... but heres my first time lapse video of me painting a picture for a friends xmas gift. I am so excited.... I bought a Samsung H200 video has time-lapse recording built into it! so easy to use. HIGHLY RECOMENDED.... bought it new for $300.... totally worth it.

and heres more random pictures!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Biggs Pawn Sculpt! ver. 1

Just started sculpting my first chess set. Started with the pawn of course. Check it out. Im sculpting it in digital 3D and then going to send it to get printed in 3D... Once I get them done I will be releasing limited edition hand painted full sets. Might even sculpt a bad ass board to go with it. Im getting quicker with the software im using. So much fun!!!! more pics to come.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Im's some tattoo pics!

Im back! damn,... was gone for a while. I cant believe how busy I have been and still kept my sanity. Had a solo art show and huge tattoo convention to prepare for... I survived and did really well at both shows! I am going to be posting a lot of new stuff in the next few days and weeks ahead. I got so many new tattoo pics and art pics to post it would just be too much to post in one heres the first set. This is some of the work ive done recently at Studio 21... which by the way, is the most bad ass shop ive ever seen or worked for by far!!!! Anyway enjoy... more to come.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

new art!

Finally! got some new art done. Had a few art shows this month. One is an all black and white themed show so I did 3 black ink paintings. They were so much fun to paint I think Ill do more!!! and I did 2 smaller oil paintings that are just weird....but fun stuff.

I moved into the new shop! I love it to death! Everyone there is super amazing and very nice and professional. Its the best tattoo shop Ive ever seen or worked in. Studio 21 is my new home. Expect to se some new tattoo pics soon. Ive already done some cool new stuff! enjoy.

Monday, May 10, 2010

tattoos by Biggs!

more tattoos ive done recently... Ive been working on some new paintings too but not sure if I want to post them just yet. Im trying to get a gallery show together and would to surprise people with all the new stuff ive been working on. :) Enjoy the pics! more to come of course!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

HAPPY 420!!!

On this great day of celebration I finished a piece that I started live at a show. Im pretty happy with the way its lookin so im callin it done! another digital piece done... I will have this available to order as a print soon. Just gotta adjust colors. So light 'em if ya got 'em! and sit back and feast your eyes on this goodness....