Friday, December 17, 2010

So much crazy stuff!

DAMN!!!! its crazy how time flies... Now im too far behind on all the cool shit thats been going on. I guess Ill just start posting tons of random pictures of stuff Ive done. oh well.... check it out!

Ok hopefully this link works.... but heres my first time lapse video of me painting a picture for a friends xmas gift. I am so excited.... I bought a Samsung H200 video has time-lapse recording built into it! so easy to use. HIGHLY RECOMENDED.... bought it new for $300.... totally worth it.

and heres more random pictures!

1 comment:

  1. hey whats good mike biggs! sir i will have to say you are an amazing artist. i have fallen in love with all your art work. next monday jan 10th i will be starting school at the art institute california-san diego. im am attemping to get a degree in media arts and animation. i just completed 4 years in the united states marine corps now. i was looking into something new for a career. well i just recently came across your art work and sir you have inspired me to get back into art. you really did. i love the intensity of your style and the darken mood you portray. i also grew up in vegas but now i live in san diego. i lived on the east side over half of my life. i should be coming to vegas real soon. i will definitely be stoping by the studio to say hello hopefully ill be able to meet you. well keep up the good work and i look forward to seeing more and more of your art work.