Thursday, October 22, 2009

What I do at work...

Heres a segment of my blog that i always will try to update every week. I havent done it in a while... but heres some of the work in the past few weeks that i liked the best. Some of the pics arent the best quality but i tried. Just got a new digital camera and seems to be working out very well! Im working fulltime right now as a tattoo artist over at 3 Lions Tattoo in the Riviera. I love that shop. I get a good amount of work there from walk-ins at the hotel and I also book locals and friends. So far its been working out great and surprisingly enough I am actually happy to have a fulltime job now. I dont have a whole lot of freetime anymore but at least Im paying bills and being able to relax a little. Anyway check out some of my new stuff... more to come of course.

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