Monday, July 13, 2009


I just couldnt wait anymore. I finally sat down and put together a new volume of our art book. Its 101 pages this time! I wish I had the money to have boxes and boxes of these but for now I got 2 prototype books from the printer! If you order one of these babies from us we will not only hand sign it but also do a custom one-off piece of art inside the book so that you have one that is unique and one of a kind. Anyway I should have these available by the next first friday. Maybe Ill throw a book release party! Heres some sneak peeks at the prototype! peace out...


  1. hey biggs,

    how much is the book selling for, cause i want one lol good luck with the book, hope everything is kickin ass for you right now..

  2. where do i order the book from? how much is it?