Monday, April 19, 2010

Biggs in 3D!!! no special glasses required

So I decided to get back into 3D... yes yes... a little known fact is that I have a college degree in computer animation. I did it for a few years and just couldnt get I ended up doing graphic design and then stumbled into tattooing... thats another story. ANYWAYS.... I am getting into 3D sculpting. I tried getting into a few programs. First I tried Zbrush... good stuff but couldnt really get into it. I tried Mudbox...made by the trusty 3D Studio max peeps but that was even worse! I then tried a program my friend Dylan suggested... 3D Coat. It was love at first touch... i know that sounds creepy but my love for 3D came rushing back when I broke out my wacom tablet and starting sculpting in 3D with ease!!!! I did a few weird faces at first just to get used to the tools... Its so damn addicting!! So I bought the program and installed it then made a list of all the art ive done that could probably work as a 3D sculpture to start out... My first serious project is turning my "Evacuation" face with the eyeball in his mouth into a full 3D sculpture that I can send to a company once Im done and they can print in 3D and send me the actual physical copy of it! God bless technology. I embrace it with every physical and mental extremity. Here is my first project done with 3D Coat. Its not done yet but im getting pretty good at the program. More to come. Not too sure what material this will be made of but I will definitely be getting a few test copies made in resin (plastic). Check it out.... still learning...

im still adding weird texture and gross stuff! its so much fun...


  1. very cool! makes me want to break out the ol tablet myself!

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