Sunday, June 7, 2009

Art & Ink Festival May 2009

I finally got around to getting the photos off my camera from the art & ink festival at the southpoint. I had a booth for my art and then i got to tattoo in another booth for the shop i work at - Vegas Skin Art. So i got to pimp my shit in 2 different locations at the event! It worked out pretty well. I had my wife, Dasha, sell art at our booth along with some wonderful friends of mine to help her out. My agent was there to help too! Thanks guys! Here are a few pics of the booth and a few of the tattoos i did for people at the convention. I did a few more then whats shown but couldnt get a good pic of it or just forgot to take a damn picture of it! sometimes that happens. Anyway i got a few good shots. It was a good event for me and Im thinking about getting into more tattoo conventions outside of Vegas. Anyway check out the pics and enjoy. :)

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