Thursday, April 16, 2009

Biggs Paints Hendrix!

So ive been commissioned to do a series of 8 paintings of one of the greatest guitarist in history, Jimi Hendrix. I got to learn a little bit about him and ive been doing a lot of research and picture finding. Anyway... Im going to start posting progress shots of the whole painting process, which I never do... So this is an experiment. The first painting ive decided to do was inspired by an interview with him asking where he got the inspiration to write "Purple Haze". He went on to say that most of his songs are based on dreams. Purple Haze was written after he had a dream he was walking around underwater. Sounded pretty cool and trippy so i decided to go on that. :) so here we go.... this is the first few hours of work. Im not fond of acrylic but i really want to do touchups and highlights with my airbrush in the end... anyway check out the pictures... this should be a fun project. 

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