Monday, February 9, 2009

New BLOG! holy moly...

Well this is my first endeavor into blogging... seems like everyone asks me if I have one so I might as well start one. I will make an effort to update often and list news, new art, and adventures of me and my wife. This year so far has started out well...but not exactly for my gallery. I am struggling to keep my doors open as im paying out of pocket for rent and product. But most people say when you start a new business you shouldnt expect to make any money for a few years. I just need to at least make enough money to pay rent. But times are tough... I guess art is the last thing people are buying right now. Especially if you dont have a home to put the art in. Well... Check back often for more stuff. Ill make my listings more interesting. I just wanted to type something in and break the mold on this new blog thing. I need to learn more HTML too. New website is coming up next. Thanks so much to all my friends and family that have helped me through the years and supported my sick obsession of art. :)


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